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And behold...

~*~My SwOrD oF sPiRiTuAlIsM~*~

Please click on the SWORD OF SPIRITUALISM to go to oxcharmedxo.

Or, alternatively, you could click on the button below..(not that i had lots of extra time to do this or anything >_<)


fancy starting or participating in a discussion about ANYTHING spiritual, or to do with the mind? In oxcharmedxo , EVERYTHING can be covered, ranging from how to spot faeries, how to hypnotize, information on astral travelling, telekinetics, and much much more! also, info on spells, magick and witchcraft is permitted too, and supernatural experiences and photos are appreciated. Fantasy stuff is also accepted, and myths, legends, and mythical creatures too. it is a *NEW* community, but once
it's up and running, it will surely be very successful and popular (or i hope it will!!) please join, tell your friends to join, and your friends friends to join!!!! What have you got to lose? you will be welcomed with open arms into an interesting community with a lot to offer.
Thank you. xxx

Hey! Thanks for looking me up...go straight to my LJ...if you like it, feel free to join...new members always accepted ^_^;;
Hiya, I'm really into the whole spiritual side of life.....I find it all really interesting and...spiritual XDD;
I also like going on msn - I spend most of my time online (dnt call me sad ;_;) and eating etc. Eating is fun...very fulfilling XD.
I want to get to know more about all this spiritual stuff going on.....and I would really appreciate your help!!!
I am obsessed with funny quotes. Here are two:

1) Remember, Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

2) There is a light at the end of every tunnel...just pray it's not a train!

Ahh, simple minds...how I like to enjoy myself. XD;;

feel free to join my community, i would really appreciate it.
I could sit here and bore you to death with crap about me and stuff...but I don't think you would last throught it >_<. ah well. enjoy!!!