eyecdeadpeople (eyecdeadpeople) wrote in oxcharmedxo,

As of late... (ex-posted)

My alternate realities continue to mystify me at every turn and I cant shake the feeling that something big is about to happen. Soon, there is going to be a day where they cross.. It goes like this.. remember math class in highschool where you had to find the median between a series of numbers? (Ex. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11... by finding the median you'd have to take off the extremes.. (1,11,...2,10...3,9...4,8 ect) THATS what my alternate realities are doing... coming closer and closer to my present reality, but what am i to do? What's going to happen? Is it the big shift? Will this day be some sort of massive spiritual awakening? Will something drastic happen in my personal life?

I need some answers.

I've also been having many dreams/alternate realities of having a child... very soon. Though I'm only 18 it feels like my biological clock is ticking away. I've been baby crazy for about 4 years now. Therefore, this information from my visions has escalated my craze. It doesnt help that the last psychic i saw told me I WAS to have a baby this year, further tuning my into my visions and dreams. I've seen this baby in dreams.. first as a 4 or 5yr old.. and its coming closer and closer to an infant, and even further.. as to being pregnant. The past few weeks dreams of pregnancy have had a strong pattern. Last night I dreamed I was engaged, but the night before, I dreamed I have having an amniocentesis done, and though it was frightening, it was in no way nightmare-quality. What does this mean!?

Can any of you help?

Have any other psychics here seen their children before they're born? Have they felt the same motherly heart-melting love when they see them in dreams as when they finally met them in real life? Though some of you may think it's highly immature for me to want a child at the tender age of 18, try to imagine seeing your children years in advance *(this may be easier for the women in the community) and touching their soft skin and feeling your heart almost pound out of your chest with love for the child just as you would if you really had one..... and then realizing you dont have one at all, but still confident these are your children. How would you feel? I believe robbed would be the right word. To hold your child and cry tears of joy only to wake up and realize it was a dream. To feel the presence of your baby... to know that it's coming, to feel the love.. but not to have it.

To all of the psychics out there.... can you see your own life? And if so how does that affect you? Do you find that you end up trying to change the negative aspects of your life because they may be too traumatic for your present self? Did you see your kids before they were born? Did you meet you friends before you saw them?

This is very difficult for me. Any help would be much appreciated. :)

Thank you and God bless.
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