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I have come out of my bad patch, I am filled with a new boost of confidence and I feel tons better about myself. I got so in spiritualism when I went through that difficult time in my life (for about the past month) because I felt that there was no way out for me, I needed to find out something about myself that I would be proud of, and that would make me feel better about being me...and I felt that if I connected with my spirit guides then I would feel a new release of happiness. I didn't speak or see my spirit guides, but I felt tingly quite a few times which I read was one of the signs of a spirit guide being present with you. I kept feeling rushes of warmth, love and happiness for no apparent reason, and day by day I was feeling better and better...it was really weird. And then a guy asked me out, my friend who i hadn't seen for 7 years asked me to stay at her house in London, and I felt even better.
I went shopping with my sisters and I found a book...it just seemed to jump out at me on the shelf: it was called "Are you psychic?" and it is so interesting, it tells you how to broaden your 'psychicness' etc and believe in yourself, it even has bits about how to talk to animals, and talk to and understand people who can;t speak...it is truly fascinating. So...I read through it, it was telling me all about how to find my spirit guides, etc and I can't wait to give it a go. I look forward to it so much, I hope wuith all my heart that my spirit guides come forward to me. I hope they are there at all.
I hope even more that my spirit guide is my nana who passed away two years ago, that would be a dream come true.
How I love being me at the moment, how I love life, the world, and everyone and everything in it (with the exception of ** **-****** ******* who I will always remain distant towards) and how I love stuff in general!
How I love spiritualism!!!!!!
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