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Out of body experiences..

I am really into the whole idea of OOBE (pronounced to rhyme with "ruby"). I read a book on them and NDE experiences today, and found out quite a lot, for example learning how to have the perfect OOBE without any supervision. If you want to acheive Astral Projection, and you are worried about getting back into your body, the thing to do is just WILL yourself back into it...a common thing to do is just think of your feet...eugh. I hate my feet.
I have already posted some stuff on FAQs on Astral Projection, but just in case you missed them or you are just too lazy to scroll down, simply click on this link, it has the basics there for you. I am not claiming to have created this site btw. I found it on a search engine lol. http://www.out-of-body.com/techniques/qa.htm
And if you think you are the worlds biggest worry wart or you are scared stiff of what might happen in AP, here are some common fears of the experience...

Based on 16,185 responses)

1: Experienced a jolt or jerk awake - 98%

2: Experienced sounds such as buzzing, humming or roaring - 85%

3: Experienced vibrations or high energy sensations - 56%

4: Experienced floating, sinking or spinning sensations - 82%

5: Experienced sleep paralysis - 72%

6: Flying in a dream - 81%

7: Being touched or lifted - 33%

8: Panic attack, overwhelming surge of fear created by strange vibrations or sounds - 46%

9: Hearing voices or footsteps - 37%

10: Seeing through closed eyelids - 49%

11: Lucid dreaming - 79%

12: Seeing or feeling the presence of an unknown nonphysical being - 22%

13: Seeing, hearing or speaking to a deceased loved one - 24%


Info on the OOBE technique: http://www.out-of-body.com/techniques/index.html (defenitely worth a look at!)

Hear about other peoples' OOBEs at the OOBE forum: http://www.astralinfo.org/forum/default.asp

I am going to be posting some more stuff up about lucid dreaming...or another member can do that if they want, I seem to be the only one posting atm but oh well. :(

Serenity xxxx

ps my msn: littlelora123@hotmail.com
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