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Death clock...when am I going to die?

I have noticed (much to my delight ^_^) that a few more people are discovering this community and starting to join which is fantastic!!! Thank you XD

So I was wondering could every user please leave a comment in reply to this entry saying which parts of the psychic mind they are most interested in, and they are also free to post entries of their experiences and beliefs.
And now I think I should be doing some updating considering I haven't done much of that in a while...I think it's time for some dream interpretations...*yay* I hear you cry! :D;

But first I came across a site with a very interesting Death Clock on it...and, me being me, I thought I'd give it a go. Turns out I'm going to live til the age of 57, and I will die on Sunday December 26th 2049. My sister, however, is going to live to be 91! Oh well, life's a bitch...>_> Here is what my death clock told me:

Just go to http://www.deathclock.com and follow the instructions...the only thing you might have a problem working out is your BMI (body mass index)...but it's only a bit of fun XD...death is SO fun right...>_<.

Anyway, on to some dream interpretations. I had a look at one which happened to me and this is what I found:

Dreaming about death is very common and it can be interpreted in many different ways. Death is usually a symbol of some type of closure or end. It implies an end to one thing and a beginning of another. Death dreams usually have positive symbolism. If you are the dead person in your dream, it could imply that you would like to leave all of your worries and struggles behind and begin anew. Dreaming about someone that you care about may express your fear about losing them. Dreaming that one of your parents died may express fear of loss, but it also may be an unconscious valve through which you release anger and other negative feelings. In some cultures dreaming about death and dying is a very good omen that represents longevity and prosperity. See also: Coffin, Zombie, Smothering. (zombie?! XDD)
And another very common dream is RUNNING.

Dreaming of running competitively should be distinguished from dreams which have you running to or from something. If you are simply running with no goal, it may be an indication that you need to slow down in your every day life. If you are competing, you need to consider your recent rivalries and realistically look at the current challenges. If you are running in a race and win, your unconscious may be expressing confidence that you may or may not feel in the wakened state. Running in your dreams may also symbolize the energy levels, the strength, or the force that you have to get through life.
Of course that no way near covers every topic of dreams, but the two most common dream cubjects are death and running, so I thought it important to mention them both. If you want to find out the meanings of some more dreams, please visit http://www.spiritcommunity.com/dreams/r.html This site was last updated in 1999 but its meanings and defenitions are still very accurate, as meanings on topics such as this don't seem to change. It is completely free, and defenitely worth a look at!!

Thank you.
Serenity xxx

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