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Ignore the crappy colour scheme etc atm.....only just set this community up, and I'm still working on it. I am interested in many parts of the spiritual mind...I am also interested in witch craft, anything psychological.....supernatural also, but not so much as the pyschic mind. That is my main interest. (i love it even more than food XD;)
Please do join, I would really appreciate it, and tell your friends to join as well!
I am the person who created this community but I created it on another account, shows how clever I am XD have still not completely mastered LJ yet... T_T..
I am still pretty much a beginner at all this spiritual stuff...I still have a lot to learn...the topics I want to know more about:
telekinesis, OOBE, astral travel/projection. Those are areas I need to look into more. Anyhoo...... have talked too much now XD.

Thanks for looking, post away! ^_^;;
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June 15 2004, 09:17:15 UTC 13 years ago

hellooooooo lora!! :) wat's that mood supposed 2 b?
accomplished lol XDD;