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"Medium's powers, only £2.99!" rant rave

Yes as everyone probably knows, I don't really have a lot of spare time on top of school and homework and clubs etc so I still haven't been able to contact my spirit guide...

so as I was looking on ebay for a book to help me find one, I was appauled to see, in print, "Buy now, only £9.99, receive an e-mail from a medium who will tell you your future - without the extra travel expenses!"
I think it is disgraceful that people have been "selling" their psychic talents over the net, where you don't even know if the 'medium' is who they say they are, they could be a homeless tramp who found a £5 and waddled into an Internet cafe..then got carried away.....(like i am doing now i spose lol)
When I say this, I don't mean anything against going to see a medium, I just think giving readings over the Internet cannot even be justified as the medium can't even see who they are talking to, the connection can't be as strong as face-to-face, where mediums can see spirits with you. This cannot be done over the net.

It's not fair, criminals thinking they can scam innocent psychics and spiritualists like that, it makes me so mad.

rant over. xxx

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