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Contacting the dead....Nana, where are you?

I have some questions to ask myself and people...about contacting the dead and knowing the right place to find them. I have tried to contact my Nana (who died just over 2 years ago) from my house, like wherever I happen to be around the house and I say "nana if you are there please please contact me! Please!"
But it doesn't seem to work, and I asked a friend and apparently you have to be doing it from a specific spot, a place that the deceased found special and personal. But I can't do that for two reasons. One being that her house is over 4 hours drive away and I couldn't get there - I can't possibly ask my mum to drive me there and say why I'm doing it, it sounds silly. And secondly, I don't know which place she found special...I never got around to asking her that. I have actually just thought of a third reason as well - my Grandad has moved away from the house they lived in together, so even if i DID get TO the house I WOULDN'T be able to get INSIDE the house.
But wait a minute...who even says the special place is the house?! That's what I want to know...how do you find out where is best to do it from?
Any experts out there feel free to leave advice lol.

Today was just like any other day...went shopping and spent too much nmoney...the money I am supposed to be saving from going on holiday. I will be going to Belgium...do you think I will see ghosts and spirits of the soldiers? Or would they not choose to show themselves to me because I am worthless to them?

Serenity xxx
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