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*~*MoRe StUfF*~*

Now you are probably telling me to stop posting crap...but can I tell you that this is not crap, I believe in it 100%!!! Now here is a list of some stuff I still have to cover:
* finish astral travelling/projection...
* Telekinetics...
* hypnosis...
* and a few spells, for love, money etc.

But to continue posting all this I really need some members to help me with all the researching and to make it possible to hold a discussion about certain topics...

*needs to advertise*.

Ok it's later now...I am scratching some of the stuff I wrote above because I don't have enough members to cover all the areas XDD;;......actually it's not even funny....I need members >_<. *trying not to appear TOO desperate*, so now the list is down to a few...first touching on the issue of hypnosis...but am too tired atm......wil finish later XD;..zzzzz
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